EFR: Why are you crying?

Mother: "Why are you crying?"

Sally: "Because I fell and hurt myself."

Mother: "When did that happen?"

Sally: "About twenty minutes ago."

Mother: "But you've only just started crying."

Sally: "I know. Earlier, I thought you'd gone out."

Vocabulary Help

  • cry - chorar
  • earlier - antes
  • fall (fall, fell, fallen) - cair
  • go out (go, went, gone) - sair
  • happen - acontecer
  • hurt - machucar
  • mother - mãe
  • start - começar
  • think (think, thought, thought) - pensar
  • twenty minutes ago - vinte minutos atrás


Borrowed from http://www.aprendendoingles.com.br/shtml/2012073.shtml