The Lift

An American visiting England walked into a hotel lobby.

"The lift will be down presently", the receptionist told him.

"The lift?" said the American. "Oh, you mean the elevator".

"No, I mean the lift", replied the Englishman.

"I think I should know what it is called", said the American. Elevators were invented in the States.

"Perhaps, retorted the Englishman. But we invented the language."

Vocabulary Help

  • be down - chegar(vindo de cima)
  • elevator - elevador (EUA)
  • language - a lgua, o idioma
  • lift - elevador (Inglaterra)
  • presently - em breve
  • reply - responder
  • retort - replicar
  • should know - deveria saber
  • think (think, thought, thought) - pensar
  • walk - andar
  • you mean - vocquer dizer


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