Second Chance!

First, I want you to believe, just for this exercise, that today is your last day on earth.
Now, name the ten people you really love in your life, the ones you are going to miss the most when you leave this earth. (If you don't have ten, that's okay.)
Next, list five to ten projects you've been drag- ging your feet on or have put on hold completely, and which you feel sad about never finishing.
Finally, list ten places you'll be sad that you never got to visit, or ten things you'll never get to do because today is your last day on earth.
Go tell those people you love them.
Go do the things you have been putting off.
Go visit those places and do those things you've always wanted to do.
Doing even one thing on your list will be the greatest gift you could give to yourself.
Get off your BUT, por Sean Stephenson, pg. 200

Vocabulary Help

  • believe - acreditar
  • drag - arrastar
  • feet - pés
  • finish - terminar
  • gift - presente
  • give (give, gave, given) - dar
  • last day on earth - último dia na Terra
  • leave (leave, left, left) - partir, sair
  • miss - sentir falta
  • never - nunca
  • put off - adiar
  • put on hold - suspender, adiar
  • sad - triste
  • today - hoje
  • yourself - a si mesmo


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