387 beetles, 18 rats and five mice

The young man walked into the pet shop and asked if he could buy 387 beetles, 18 rats and five mice.
"I'm sorry, sir, but we can only supply the mice. But what did you want all the other creatures for?" asked the pet shop manager.
"I was thrown out of my flat this morning," replied the young man. "And my landlord says I must leave the place exactly as I found it."

Vocabulary Help

  • ask - perguntar
  • beetle - besouro
  • find (find, found, found) - encontrar
  • flat - apartamento
  • landlord - senhorio
  • leave (leave, left, left) - deixar
  • mouse, mice - rato(s)
  • pet shop - loja de animais
  • rat - rato
  • reply - responder
  • shop manager - gerente da loja
  • supply - fornecer
  • thrown out - expulso


Borrowed from http://www.aprendendoingles.com.br/shtml/2012067.shtml