Ugliest Kid Ever

I was walking home last night when I noticed an old drunk staggering along the road. He passed a woman who was walking a young child.

"Lady", said the drunk, "that's the ugliest kid I've ever seen. Damn, that is one ugly child!."

As the drunk wandered off, the lady burst into tears. Just then, a mailman came to her rescue.

"What's the matter, madam?" he asked.

"I've just been horribly insulted" she sobbed.

"There there," said the mailman, reaching into his pocket. "Dry your eyes with this tissue, and here's a banana for the chimp"

Vocabulary Help

  • burst into tears - romper em lágrimas
  • child - criança
  • chimp - chimpanzé
  • Damn - maldição
  • drunk - bêbado
  • dry - secar
  • last night - noite passada
  • mailman - carteiro
  • notice - notar
  • pocket - bolso
  • rescue - socorro
  • road - estrada
  • stagger - cambalear
  • tissue - tecido
  • ugliest - o mais feio de todos
  • ugly - feio
  • walk - caminhar
  • wander off - ir embora
  • what's the matter? - qual o problema?
  • woman - mulher


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