How will I manage after that?

My mother, who is 93, lives simply but comfortably in an assisted-living home. Even though she has ample savings, she is always worried about the state of her finances.

My brother-in-law tried to ease her mind by telling her:

- I've calculated that, given your expenses, you have enough money for at least the next 16 years."

- That's fine, but how will I manage after that?

Vocabulary Help

  • ample savings - uma boa poupança
  • assisted-living home - retiro para idosos
  • at least - no mínimo
  • brother-in-law - cunhado
  • ease her mind - despreocupá-la
  • enough money - dinheiro suficiente
  • expense - gasto
  • manage - me virar, gerenciar
  • mother - mãe
  • tell (tell, told, told) - contar, dizer
  • That's fine - está bom
  • worry - preocupar


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