Cute nurses

My nursing colleague was preparing an intravenous line for a 15-year-old male patient. The bedside phone rang, and the boy's mother reached over to pick it up.

After talking for a few minutes, the mother held the phone aside, turned to her son and said, "Your dad is asking if you've got any cute nurses."

The boy gazed at the nurse, who had the needle poised above his arm, ready for insertion. "Tell him," he replied, "they're absolutely gorgeous."

Vocabulary Help

  • arm - braço
  • bedside phone - telefone ao lado da cama
  • cute - bonitas, atraentes
  • dad - pai
  • gaze - olhar
  • gorgeous - maravilhosa, linda
  • hold (hold, held, held) - segurar
  • intravenous line - tubo para conexão intravenosa
  • male - homem
  • needle - agulha
  • nurse - enfermeira
  • pick it up - pegar
  • poised above - parada acima
  • reach over - se estender, alcançar
  • say (say, said, said) - dizer
  • son - filho
  • talk - falar
  • tell (tell, told, told) - dizer
  • turn to - virar-se para


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