My wife and I were comparing notes the other day. "I have a higher IQ, did better on my SATs and make more money than you, she pointed out. "Yeah, but when you step back and look at the big picture, I'm still ahead," I said. She looked mystified. "How do you figure?" "I married better," I replied.

Vocabulary Help

  • ahead - na frente
  • higher - mais alto
  • How do you figure? - Como assim?
  • I married better - eu me casei melhor
  • iq (intelligence quocient) - Quociente de Inteligencia, QI
  • look at the big picture - olhar para o todo
  • make more money - ganho mais
  • point out - salientar, enfatizar
  • reply - responder
  • SAT (Standardized Admissions Tests) - teste padronizado para ingresso em universidades, como o nosso vestibular
  • step back - dá um passo atrás
  • still - ainda


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