Blondies, as always

The blonde's car had numerous dings from golfball size hailsstones that fell during a storm. She takes her car to the bodyshop for repairs and the mechanic says:

-- The damage isn't too bad, you could have fixed it yourself by blowing into the tailpipe.

Well the blonde thanks the guy for saving her some money, goes home and procedes to lay on the ground to blow into the tailpipe to get rid of all the dents. (She waits for the car to cool down... she's not a total idiot).

Her blonde friend is driving by and hits the brakes, rushes out of her car and screeches.

-- What the hell are you doing?

The first blonde explains the procedure of how the nice mechanic saved her some money and told her how she could repair the dings caused by hailstones by blowing into the tailpipe.

Her exasperated friend puts her hands on her hips, and says:

-- Don't you be so stupid. You have to roll up the windows first!

Vocabulary Help

  • blonde - loura
  • blow - soprar
  • cool down - esfriar
  • damage - dano, prejuízo
  • drive (drive, drove, driven) - dirigir
  • fall (fall, fell, fallen) - cair
  • fix - consertar
  • get rid of - se livrar de
  • ground - chão
  • hailstone - granizo
  • lay - deitar
  • nice - legal
  • roll up - subir
  • save - economizar
  • storm - tempestade
  • tailpipe - cano de escapamento
  • what the hell - que diabo ...


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