A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead break out of jail and run to an old abandoned farm. The police are hot on their trail. The three women hide up in three different oak trees.

The police go up to the redhead's tree when they hear rustling.

"Who's up there?'"

"Meow", the redhead replies.

"Oh! its just a cat." think the policeman.

The police go up to the brunette's tree.

"Who's up there?"

"Hoot, Hoot" says the brunette.

"Oh, that's just an owl" think the police.

Finally, the police go to the blonde's tree.

"Who's up there?"


Vocabulary Help

  • break out of jail - escapar da prisão
  • farm - fazenda
  • trail - pista, trilha
  • hide - esconder
  • oak - carvalho
  • rustling - movimento na árvore
  • who's up there? - quem está ai em cima?
  • cat - gato
  • owl - coruja


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