One day a blonde walked into a cookie shop to see a small tray full of cookies. The sign said 'free sample' so she took one.
The next day the blond was sick and could barely move. She swore revenge upon the cookie shop. She marched back to the cookie shop and burst into the cookie shop and slammed her foot. Your cookies made me sick! she screamed, pointing to the 'free sample' tray.
Oh, what are we going to do about that? said the store clerk, as he bit his lip.
I want my money back! screamed the blonde.

Vocabulary Help

  • cookie shop - loja de biscoitos
  • tray - bandeja
  • free sample - amostra grátis
  • take (take, took, taken) - pegar
  • sick - doente
  • could barely move - mal podia se mover
  • swear (swear, swore, sworn) - jurar
  • revenge - vingança
  • slam - bater
  • foot - pé
  • scream - gritar
  • bit - morder
  • lip - lábio


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