The Parrot

A lady walks in to a pet store and asks the salesman if he has any parrots for sale. He replies that he has a very special parrot in the back.

They go to the back of the store and see a beautiful bird with a string around each leg. The salesman explains that if she pulls the string on the left leg, the bird sings Sunshine on My Shoulder, and if she pulls the right string, it sings, Raindrops Keep Fallin' on my Head. The lady asks what happens if she pulls both strings, and the bird yells out:

- Don't! I will fall on my butt, lady!!

Vocabulary Help

  • pet store - loja de animais
  • salesman - vendedor
  • parrot - papagaio
  • for sale - para vender
  • store - loja
  • string -barbante
  • leg - perna
  • pull - puxar
  • yell - gritar
  • fall on my butt - cair sentado

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