The judge looked amazedly at the couple in front of him.

- You're 97, he gasped, Your wife is 95, and you've been married for almost 75 years. Why, at this stage of your lives, have you decided that you want a divorce?

- That woman has driven me crazy long enough, your honor. I only married her in the first place because I had to, and I can't stand it another day.

- Then why have you waited this long?

- Well, we knew how a divorce would hurt our kids, so we waited until they died.

Vocabulary Help

  • judge - juiz
  • amazedly - assombrado
  • couple - casal
  • married - casados
  • stage - estágio
  • lives - vidas
  • want - querer
  • drive me crazy - me deixa louco
  • long enough - o tempo suficiente
  • in the first place - em primeiro lugar
  • stand it - aguentar isto
  • hurt our kids - ferir nossos filhos, ser ruim para nossos filhos
  • die - morrer


Borrowed from http://www.aprendendoingles.com.br/shtml/2011102.shtml