Diary Entries Of A Young Woman On A Cruise Ship

Dear Diary

MONDAY: What a wonderful cruise this is going to be! I felt singularly honored this evening. The Captain asked me to dine at his table.

TUESDAY: I spent the entire afternoon on the bridge with the Captain.

WEDNESDAY: The Captain made proposals to me unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.

THURSDAY: Tonight the Captain threatened to sink the ship if I do not give in to his indecent proposals!

FRIDAY: This afternoon I saved 1600 lives.

Vocabulary Help

  • wonderful - maravilhoso
  • cruise - cruzeiro
  • dine - jantar
  • table - mesa
  • spend (spend, spent, spent) - gastar, passar
  • afternoon - tarde
  • bridge - ponte de comando
  • proposal - proposta
  • unbecoming - indigna
  • threaten - ameaçar
  • sink - afundar
  • ship - navio
  • give in - ceder
  • save - salvar


Borrowed from http://www.aprendendoingles.com.br/shtml/2009179.shtml