You've been dead for ages

A man who had just died, arrived at heaven's gate. Before allowing him entry, St. Peter asked him if he'd ever loved a woman.
"No," the man replied, "Not a single one."
"Did you have a friend you cared for?"
"Perhaps you loved a pet? Did you not feel a love for nature?"
"What took you so long to get here?" asked a surprised St. Peter. "You've been dead for ages."

Vocabulary Help

  • allow - permitir
  • care for - se importar
  • die - morrer
  • friend - amigo
  • heaven's gate - portal do paraíso
  • love - amar
  • perhaps - talvez
  • reply - responder
  • single one - nenhuma
  • What took you so long to get here? - Porque você demorou tanto tempo para chegar aqui?
  • woman - mulher
  • You've been dead for ages - Você está morto há muito tempo


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