Stop Searching for the Blue

Try this experiment with a friend.
Stand behind him and ask him to focus on everything in the room that's blue. Ask him to make a mental note of each blue item he can see in front of him.
When he's done, ask him to close his eyes and tell you everything in the room he remembers seeing that was the color yellow (or any other color that isn't blue). More than likely, he'll laugh and say, "I can't!"
That's because his brain spent all its conscious energy focusing exclusively on blue. It labeled all the other colors as insignificant and didn't even see them.
That's how our minds work. Once we start looking exclusively for the blue, we have trouble finding any yellow. When we look for what we don't like or don't have, we see and remember only that.
Get Off your But, por Sean Stephenson, pg. 143

Vocabulary Help

  • blue - azul
  • find (find, found, found) - encontrar
  • friend - amigo
  • label - rotular
  • laugh - rir
  • look - olhar
  • make a mental note - tomar nota mentalmente
  • mind - mente
  • remember - lembrar
  • say - dizer
  • see (see, saw, seen) - ver
  • spend (spend, spent, spent) - gastar
  • stand behind - fique por trás
  • start - começar
  • tell (tell, told, told) - dizer
  • trouble - problema, dificuldade
  • try - tentar
  • yellow - amarelo


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