The commander of the C-141 was in a hurry to fly out of the U.S. air base in Thule, Greenland. But everything was working against him. The truck to pump the sewage from the plane was late, and then the airman pumping out the tank was taking his time. The commander berated the lowly airman, threatening to have him punished. Turning to the officer, the airman said, "I have no stripes, it's 40 degrees below zero, I'm stationed in Thule, and I'm pumping sewage out of airplanes. Just how do you plan on punishing me?"

Vocabulary Help

  • against - contra
  • below - abaixo
  • berate - repreender, chamar a atenção
  • fly out - voar para fora
  • Greenland - Groenlandia
  • hurry - pressa
  • late - atrasado
  • lowly - de posto baixo, inferior
  • plane - avião
  • pump - bombear
  • punish - punir
  • sewage - esgoto
  • stripe - divisas, posto, cargo na hierarquia militar
  • take his time - fazer as coisas sem pressa, tranquilamente
  • threat - ameaçar
  • truck - caminhão
  • turn to - virar para
  • work - trabalhar


Borrowed from http://www.aprendendoingles.com.br/shtml/2011301.shtml