The Flower Vendor

The flower vendor was an old hand at unloading his last few bunches. Appealing to a businessman on his way home, the vendor said, "How about a nice bunch of roses to surprise your wife?"

"Haven't got a wife," responded the businessman gruffly.

"Then how about some carnations for your girlfriend?" proposed the vendor without missing a beat.

"Haven't got a girlfriend."

"You lucky guy!" The vendor broke into a big smile. "Buy both bunches to celebrate!"

Vocabulary Help

  • appeal - apelar
  • both - ambos
  • bunches - bouquet
  • businessman - homem de negócios
  • flower - flor
  • girlfriend - namorada
  • gruffly - de forma pouco amistosa
  • lucky guy - sujeito sortudo
  • nice - legal, bacana, bonito
  • old hand - experiente
  • smile - sorriso
  • unloading - descarregar
  • way home - caminho de casa
  • wife - esposa
  • without missing a beat - sem perder o passo, o ritmo


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